Trust-base Blockchain Flips Your Next Couch Rental

Traveling and hospitality has a big connection and the hospitality of the locals has always been a driving factor for the tourism. Experience for booking a place for your stay has seen changes in methods, interfaces and payment systems. The short term rental market is growing, and with that is growing the centralised platforms scope, fulfilling people’s preferences for the stay. However, there are still challenges in finding your idol short term rental place due to the non-transparent and cumbersome processes used by the centralised mediators like Airbnb or Trip advisor. The inefficient systems used by the existing rental service companies lack technology and have users shell out their hard earned money as commission, convenience free or handling charges.

In short, CryptoBnB is a technological solution for short term renting serving as a platform for the customers and the host to meet and discuss the terms of the deal. There are simply no hidden charges or commissions as it offers a direct and transparent system that rules out the escrow payment methods. The idea of CryptoBnB is to integrate present day technology of Blockchain, Big data and Artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring a one of its kind peer to peer dealing solution for the rental stay.

The CEO of CryptoBnB, Mr Tariq Alwahedi has a diverse experience of undertaking such entrepreneurship steps in across national boundaries and market categories. The idea of introduction of Big Data and AI into online businesses is a trendy one and thus has the belief of the team members that integrating the technology into travelling and rental stay is going to revolutionise the segment and will benefit the customers by and large.

Technology is shaping the world around us these days. Your online information can be used in so many different ways to understand your needs, habits and buying practices. CryptoBnB uses the state of the art technology of Big Data, block chain and AI together to analyse the data of the customers and their transaction history to suggest and filter only the best matches for stay. The use of AI offers automatic and personalised solutions for the customers, which saves not just the administrative work but also makes the processes faster and efficient. Big Data and IPFS provide flexibility over the limitations of networks today as they can’t handle micro transactions on the Blockchain die to size limitation. IPFS with Big Data bumps those outside the Blockchain and only cryptographic image is left on the block.

The Blockchain technology is at the core of the desktop and mobile applications of the services offered by the company. It will use P2P smart contracts and IPFS technology to use the search Engine capabilities in order to retrieve the Blockchain encrypted data which will ensure a suitable, customised and tailored solution matching the preferences of the customers without fail. Using Blockchain with Big Data ensures a strong trust based system through verified and limited voting mechanism for customers who actually finished a transaction. This is also important as it represents the credit history of the users.

Anything we do today has middlemen taking hefty cuts from the transactions, Blockchain as a technology has a great virtue to cut out these commissions and provide solutions that are independent and transparent for the parties in dealing. Short term rental is becoming popular with the tourists and traveller across the world and the rise of cryptocurrency is testimony to the usefulness of the Blockchain applications.

The idea is going to enable the customers to find the best matches to their preferences and avoid fake dealings. Many a time customers complain of fake reviews on travel and websites such as Trip advisor and Airbnb that are either paid or rigged. The peer to peer services with no manual intervention at CryptoBnB is going to ensure that the most genuine reviews only are posted and ratings justify the experience you receive at your stay.

Technology is making processes easier, efficient and faster. It is providing businesses with an opportunity to work closely with the customers and offer them tailored solutions without them having to tell them their specific requirements. The data trends speak volumes about the buying practices of the customers and the way they like their stay, travel, food and shopping. Thus, realising this immense potential the CEO and the whole team of CryptoBnB sees great potential in the idea and expect the idea to revolutionise the field of short term rentals.

Imagine, how it would be like to have automated systems suggesting you the rental options for your next trip to Rishikesh that match your preferences perfectly. Artificial intelligence enabled software analysing your preferences and answering your queries almost as soon as you can think of it. The big data trends scroll through your past bookings and staying preferences to filter out the most relevant options that suit your budget, likings and family needs.

The conventional feel with new user friendly measures to make the website and mobile applications easy to handle and simple to use has put customers choices ahead on every front. Saving hefty commissions at your next rental on your upcoming trip using CryptoBnB is not just going to be easy on your pocket but also give you fast and customised solutions for all what you ever thought to be an ideal booking experience.

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