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Why Speaking Your Truth Isn't Enough

Truth has already become a powerful word for me this year. I find myself pushing my comfort level and speaking my truth in spaces I normally wouldn't, at a depth I could never have imagined several years ago. It's been phenomenal.
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Truth has already become a powerful word for me this year. I find myself pushing my comfort level and speaking my truth in spaces I normally wouldn't, at a depth I could never have imagined several years ago. It's been phenomenal.

In all honesty, I've been pretty decent about speaking my truth for a few years now. Not always verbally (sometimes I had to write emails to people around important topics I couldn't seem to voice), but I started pushing my own limits in my relationships, business and life. There was one problem, however...

I didn't really honor my truth.

I would tell my ex-boyfriend what I needed, then never do anything about it when things didn't change. I would tell my clients what my policies were, then never stand firm in those boundaries when they disrespected or ignored them. I would tell everyone I wasn't doing things that exhausted my introverted self anymore, then proceed to overbook myself doing things that drained me with people I didn't love.

Honoring your truth is usually the really hard part.

Breaking up with your boyfriend when your relationship is out of alignment with your desires. Being firm and unwavering with your clients, sometimes even firing them, when they don't honor your boundaries. Saying no to things that are really important to others so that you can honor your own needs in the moment.

Quitting your job. Ending a friendship. Moving across the country. Going back to school. Picking up the paintbrush for the first time in years.

I know these things are scary... believe me, I know. But every single time I've not only spoken my truth, but also honored it, the shifts were amazing.

I learned what it really means to have faith in yourself and your journey. To trust your intuition and let it guide you in a direction that was more fulfilling than you could ever have imagined for yourself. To learn what life is really supposed to be life. To find joy, passion and purpose. To feel the lightness that comes with release.

Honoring your truth can be really, really hard.

But it's also really, really amazing.

It's scary, and requires you to push the limits of your comfort zone. It means you have to set and honor boundaries, release people and relationships from your life, make big and small changes, and venture into the unknown at times.

But these spaces, the scary and hard ones, are the spaces that become building blocks for a life you love. For fulfilling relationships, a purpose based career or business, more joy and expansion, deeper connections, and an unbelievable life. This is a fact.

Ask yourself the following:
  • Where am I not speaking my truth right now?
  • Where am I speaking my truth, but not truly honoring it?
  • What am I afraid of happening if I do honor it?

Your answers may go something like:

  • I'm not telling my significant other that I'm not happy.
  • I'm telling them I'm not happy, but I'm not leaving the relationships or asking for things to be different. I'm staying stuck.
  • Ending up alone, being unhappy, hurting someone or myself.

Here's the kicker: By not honoring your truth you're actually creating the same exact outcome for yourself. If you stay in a relationship that's not serving you, you will end up alone and unhappy. You will end up hurting yourself and the other person. Because your needs aren't getting met. Because you'll shut down and lose the connection. Because you'll build up resentment and become bitter. Because things that aren't meant to be don't stay together forever.

How is staying stuck of service to yourself or others?

It may be scary to leave the relationship, job, or city. It may be scary to let the disrespectful clients go. It maybe scary to register for that first course at the local college. But it's the only way to build a life or business you live.

You have to honor your truth.

Take action now!

Tell me in the comments below, where are you not speaking your truth? Where are you not honoring that truth for yourself? How will you take action today towards making a shift and honoring yourself and what you need?

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