'Truth. Be. Told.' To Explore The Stories Of Queer Black Visionaries

A compelling new documentary series is in the works that will provide a platform for a handful of queer black visionaries to share their personal stories of challenge, radical self-inquiry, transformation and triumph.

From filmmaker and activist Katina Parker comes "Truth. Be. Told." -- a series of 30-minute episodes that individually feature conversations with noteworthy interviewees about their own experiences as queer black visionaries. A number of prominent queer people of color have committed to being a part of "Truth. Be. Told." including playwright Staceyann Chin, singer B. Slade, singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon, veteran activist Miss Major and activist Darnell Moore.

"The narratives and life stories of black queer and trans people won't be told or remembered unless we tell and share our own stories," Moore said in a statement. "The 'Truth. Be. Told.' series is critical because it archives our truths - as gritty and beautiful as they may be. I am grateful for Katina Parker's vision and for giving me the opportunity to testify, to tell my truth."

"Truth. Be. Told." is currently engaged in an Indiegogo campaign in order to fully fund this endeavor. Head here for more information.