Truth In Politics?

Fear Nero.

Our politics, if it is nothing else, is divided. Ironically, everybody is in agreement about the bitter polarity of our current government. Republicans all agree they can't stand Democratic policies and Democrats all agree they can't stand Republican policies.

Mitch McConnell so subscribes to this that he openly refuses to govern - which is his job - and finds himself constitutionally (and yet unconstitutionally) unwilling to conduct hearings and fill the SCOTUS vacancy. According to the founding document, isn't the Judicial Branch important? According to Mitch, doing what the Constitution says is not as important as stopping his own government from moving forward.

What is the result of all of this palpable political enmity other than that sludge leaders like McConnell keep their job in perpetuity by crippling government and then pointing out how government isn't working? Mud is slung, spin is offered, but most importantly the other side is the enemy. We never help our political enemy - even if that obstructs the execution of justice and flies in the face of our whole history.

Take Ted Cruz. (Please.) He has reasons to feel like Donald Trump is his enemy, given the insults to his family in the wake of the primaries - having it suggested that one's father may have been involved in the killing of President Kennedy is quite a slight - but Cruz bowed and endorsed Trump anyway. Hillary Clinton is the bitter political enemy of Ted Cruz, and in his mind our Christian virtue remains intact if we vote for a "serial philanderer" and "pathological liar", not to mention somebody who is shaping up to be a legitimate antichrist.

How do we ever get at the truth when dealing with people like Cruz, Trump, and yes, Hillary Clinton? If spin is all, if we live in a propaganda-driven world seeking profit, how can we ever know the truth?

I don't have all the answers. But I damn well know political enemies never help one another unless brute reality is forcing them to transcend politics. Chris Christie shouldn't have hugged Barack Obama, politically speaking, because he is the enemy, but the suffering of the people of New Jersey in the wake of the storm transcended political considerations. Sometimes the truth just happens.

I have to ask myself: Why would a person who is a Republican - so, beyond any question of doubt, this individual despises the policies of Hillary Clinton - why would such a person say something which helps her to become president? More specifically, why would thoughtful, intelligent people, people who rose to the highest ranks of our military, why would they help her if they are Republicans?

That leads me to a big question I now ask everybody: Why would Republican generals and security personnel, people who understand the specifics of the danger in our world, why would they lie and say that Trump is a national security threat? Why would they say that and help Hillary?

Sometimes the truth just happens. Trump must indeed be dangerous and unstable and a threat to our safety. Because why would Republicans ever lie to help Democrats to become presidents? I know - I am 100% certain - that the Republicans who declared Trump a danger to our security were not telling a falsehood.

My good friends, I suggest that any time we see truth happen in politics we should pay close attention.

My son has autism, and he has been bullied at school. Mostly the good kids show up and help him, so it isn't a sad story. He has been laughed at by kids who are healthy. And who is it there mocking my son? It is a bully - somebody a lot like Donald Trump.

I am against bullies. Aren't you? Can we not agree that bullies are bottom feeders who prey upon people weaker than themselves to gain advantage or to feel good about themselves? Can we not agree that such people fundamentally suck?

My middle school in Florida back in the 70's was a melting pot, full of evolutionary moment and ruthlessness and bullies. I remember there were people who would beat you up if you didn't move out of their way. I wonder and I ask Trump supporters: Why would we want to make the bully at our school in charge of security there? Like, since I'm not the bully and I am in the way, isn't that like voting to have myself get beaten up?


We can trust the Republican generals when they say we can't trust Trump, because they can't stand Hillary Clinton. This transcends politics - it is the truth. We need only open our eyes to see it.

Ironically, though she is riddled with flaws and imperfections, we can trust Hillary Clinton with regard to how she will govern because she has held office. She has been the target of a sophisticated congressional colonoscopy for years, we know she has made mistakes, we know she has been a politician in her use of the truth - we have all the dirt under her fingernails. She is human, a luxury we must grant our governors if we are to govern ourselves.

What do we know about Donald J. Trump? He is a businessman, in real estate mostly. We have zero information about how he would govern or what he would do as president, only the words of a serial liar on the campaign trail.

If he is a business man, if that is his entire history, and he won't release his taxes ... then what do we know about him? Nothing. Only what he says. Which, terrifyingly, brings us back to nothing.

In spite of anything he says, might a man like Donald Trump decide to grant the SCOTUS nominations to the people who will judge according to what is best and most profitable for Donald Trump? Given his history, why would we expect otherwise? Trump's entire life has been devoted to one thing and one thing only - Trump. And money. I know that sounds like two things, but in his case it is one thing.

Why would we trust a bully who is withholding the most important and telling facts available about him? I know Hillary is not perfect, but we know nothing about Trump other than that he uses his power to grab the pussies of beautiful women he encounters at work and brags about it, he admires Putin, and he will bully everybody who gets in his way.

Why would we give an unstable, careless, dangerous man access to the most formidable military force ever known to mankind? Why would we give a perverted bully we know almost nothing about a fiddle and stockpile of fissionable matches?

I have a feeling we should listen to the Republican generals.