Truth Or Dare Contest: The Presidential Race Showdown

The 2016 Presidential race has become more of a hyped reality type TV show than a seriously looked at campaign. Social media and entertainment journalism has played a huge part is showcasing the candidates as if on the wrestling mat battling to be the victor. With two candidates who seem to stir up radical behavior on both sides, the 2016 presidential campaign has turned into a truth or dare contest.

True or False

Two hopefuls have taken their place in the center of the ring. Donald Trump is playing his reality game against viable contender Hillary Clinton who is said to be playing her woman's card. So who do we believe to be telling the truth and do we dare call them on their lies? With the internet now playing a major role in the self-reporting by candidates, aided by social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it is fitting that a website has taken on the task of fact checking. is playing moderator for the Presidential race showdown truth or dare contest. They are conducting the research to determine what statements by candidates are true and which are false. Visitors are invited to compare the two leading Presidential candidates on PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter.

No surprise that Trump is winning the race on who has the most false of comments as well as achieving the most below false "Pants on Fire" rating by PolitiFact as well. As of Sept 20, the Donald has scored 35 percent for making false statements, 17 percent for mostly false and another 18 percent for red-hot false statements setting his pants on fire. He did get a score of 4 percent for saying a couple of true statements, another 11 percent for mostly true and 15 percent for his half-truthful remarks.

Trump recently earned a "Pants on Fire" PolitiFact for his claim that Clinton did "not answer a single question" regarding her immigration plan.

Although Trump supporters would like you to believe otherwise, Hillary certainly wins for having the most honest of statements. Secretary Clinton's PolitiFact statements scorecard as of Sept 20 shows that she ranked 23 percent for remarks that are totally true, another 28 percent for mostly true and 22 percent for some half-true comments. No human makes all truthful remarks either by design or mistake. The woman vying to be the first Madam President has been found by PolitiFact to of make 11 percent false statements and 15 percent mostly false statements, but only 2 percent "Pants on Fire" remarks.

Hillary does show to do her research before commenting, getting a PolitiFact true score for sharing the correct information at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute event. She stated, "Latinos are 17 percent of our country's population but hold only 2 percent of its wealth."

This campaign has certainly stirred up emotions on both sides. Even famed Republicans are not supporting their candidate, reality TV icon Donald Trump, who's only political background is his belief that he knows everything. Hillary Clinton, with a formidable background as a lawyer, First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, seems to be fighting an uphill battle of an email debacle and the fact that she is a woman running for President. When it comes to that day to cast your vote who will you believe to be the best person for the job as President of the United States.