Couples Play 'Truth Or Drink.' And Yes, Things Get Awkward

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually with an ex? When’s the last time you masturbated? If I was in a coma, how long would you wait for me?

These aren’t necessarily the kinds of questions you might pose to your significant other. And they’re probably not questions you’d want to answer in front of thousands of strangers.

But that’s exactly the position that a group of couples recently found themselves in when they sat down to play a round of “Truth or Drink.”

In a series of one-on-ones organized by Cut Video, a project of the Seattle-based creative agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo, the lovebirds were given a difficult choice: answer the awkward question being posed, or take a shot of alcohol -- potentially getting looser-tongued in the process.

The resulting conversations are totally hilarious, and often pretty adorable too.

Watch the game unfold in the Cut Video clip above.

Couples who sit on the same side of the booth.
Don't you want to look at each other?
Couples with mispelled couple tattoos.
Way to short.
Couples who feed each other.
And the friends' appetites they destroy.
Couples who can't do anything apart.
He did let her have the big screen. Maybe that's love?
Couples who #WIFE.
You forgot #thewifening #wife-a-palooza #2wife2furious #LateNightWithWifenOBrien.
Couples who are absolutely in love, but not with spelling.
Couples ignorant to the fact that they'll never fit together.
Maybe it's like a 3D puzzle.
Couples protecting each other from evil computer equipment.
Couples who will unfortunately never forget each other's names.
Couples whose love is hindered by gravity.
Physics is the real heartbreaker.
Couples who constantly have to remind you this husband is taken.
Sorry, ladies.
Couples who have the best adventures.
Couples who have joint Facebook accounts.
A relationship brimming with trust.
Couples who can't break up, because then their tattoo is just erratic pen markings.
Couples who aren't afraid to creep everyone else the hell out in public.
Couples who can't figure out this sex thing.
"Doctor, we've been trying for months -- what are we doing wrong?"
Couples so in love they need a wood chipper.