Couples Play 'Truth Or Drink.' And Yes, Things Get Awkward

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually with an ex? When’s the last time you masturbated? If I was in a coma, how long would you wait for me?

These aren’t necessarily the kinds of questions you might pose to your significant other. And they’re probably not questions you’d want to answer in front of thousands of strangers.

But that’s exactly the position that a group of couples recently found themselves in when they sat down to play a round of “Truth or Drink.”

In a series of one-on-ones organized by Cut Video, a project of the Seattle-based creative agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo, the lovebirds were given a difficult choice: answer the awkward question being posed, or take a shot of alcohol -- potentially getting looser-tongued in the process.

The resulting conversations are totally hilarious, and often pretty adorable too.

Watch the game unfold in the Cut Video clip above.



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