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Truthful Tuesday: The Forgetful Edition

Ohhh!", I said. "I didn't realize you'd left it in a Ziploc bag! Fairies are allergic to plastic! No wonder she didn't take the note!" So now I'm a forgetful liar. Great.
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Last week's "Truthful Tuesday" post seemed to be well received, so I thought I'd follow it up with another. This week, I thought it would be fun to fess up to the many things I forget. It should be noted that for each thing thing I forget, there approximately 999 more that I don't; however, the things I forget everyone else seems to remember while the things I remember go completely unnoticed. Please tell me I'm not alone here.

One recent shining example has to do with the Tooth Fairy, who I can attest is an overworked, overtired shell of her former self. One of our little fellas recently lost a tooth while we were out and about so I put it in my pocket so I wouldn't lose it. Then I washed my jeans and lost it. Because I forgot it was in my pocket. I told the little fella to write the Tooth Fairy a note and assured him she would understand. So he did. But the fairy fell asleep and forgot. When the little fella woke up crying the next morning because the note was still under his pillow, I did what any good parent would do; I lied. "Ohhh!", I said. "I didn't realize you'd left it in a Ziploc bag! Fairies are allergic to plastic! No wonder she didn't take the note!" So now I'm a forgetful liar. Great.

If we're going to be completely truthful, next up on the list of things forgotten are birthday invitations. I am the woman you feel awkward about emailing or calling to see if I got your invitation. I did. And I'm sorry to say I forgot it. I'm even sorrier to say that if it was for a first grade boy, I don't know which of my kids you want, because I have three first grade boys and the evite was addressed to me. While I love to bounce on trampolines, make crafts and eat birthday cake, I'm pretty sure I'm not the one you want at the party. Especially since I probably also forgot to buy the gift.

Sometimes the things I forget are incidental and easily overlooked -- like putting the laundry in the dryer or returning the library books. Sometimes they are not -- like calling the school nurse when the kids are home sick (there's always more than one around here!) or sending a note about a playdate pickup. Or not, as the case may be. When that happens, a disgruntled kid gets sent home on the bus, a disgruntled babysitter calls me at work and a disgruntled mom sends a text wondering what happened to the play date. Sorry people. Guess what? I FORGOT!

And I am sorry. But there really is a lot I remember. Like grocery shopping and making breakfast, lunch and dinner for a family of seven each day. Or making appointments for the doctor and dentist -- and actually getting the kids there, often on time! I remember teacher's gifts, coaches gifts and if you happen to be a relative, I promise I will remember a birthday gift too. I remember to pay the sitter, feed the dog and pay the bills. Frankly, it's a wonder I don't forget more. Honestly, this Truthful Tuesday thing is feeling pretty good. But I'm not sure how I'll feel about it on Wednesday; by then, I suppose there's a good chance I may have forgotten all about it. #TT (Truthful Tuesday)