11 Things You'll Relate To If Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

Cousins > Everyone else.

Sure, some people only see their cousins at family reunions ― along with other distant relatives. But for those lucky to enough to call a cousin a best friend ― myself included ― life is pretty damn great.

Having a cousin for a bestie means you have a sidekick at family events and someone to vent to when your parents or siblings are being annoying. But most importantly, you know that they’re always there for you. Below are some truths about having a cousin for a BFF:

1. You can count on them to be there at every holiday.

Likely with wine in hand, ready to gossip about all the family drama. Plus, if you have to split the last slice of pumpkin pie, it may as well be with each other.

2. And you’re bound to text them under the table at those family gatherings.

If something ridiculous happens, your cousin is the first person you reach out to on the sly.

3. You’ll likely be in each other’s weddings.

I was maid of honor in my cousin's wedding, which was a day full of laughter, tears and lots of champagne.
I was maid of honor in my cousin's wedding, which was a day full of laughter, tears and lots of champagne.

And there’s no one else either of you would rather have at the altar when you say “I do.”

4. There’s still a chance you’ll fight like siblings.

Your cousin is not afraid to call you out when you’re being moody, and you’re not scared to tell them that their hairstyle looks lame. You’re stuck with each other for life, so you might as well be honest.

5. They were there during your awkward teenage years.

And they’re not afraid to remind you of it. That includes, but is not limited to, making fun of your old school photos, poor style choices or nerdy hobbies. (Beanie Baby collecting, anyone?)

6. You’re able to vent to them about your other relationships.

Your sister is being insufferable? Your cousin is always there to give you some sound wisdom. Their significant other is driving them bonkers? You’re there to talk it out over lunch.

7. You’re always told that you look alike ― and you love it.

It runs in the family, after all.

8. They understand and are sensitive to your family issues.

Because it’s their family, too, and they know how ridiculous the clan can be. It’s always helpful to have an ally when grandma asks when you’re going to start dating.

9. Your wardrobe is full of clothes they gave you.

Hand-me-downs are totally okay when they come from your cousin’s closet.

10. Your parents are constantly comparing the two of you.

Or accidentally calling you by the other one’s name. But this is more of a compliment than an annoyance.

11. You wouldn’t trade your relationship for the world.

You guys are siblings at heart and best friends for life. What’s better than that?