Buzzfeed's 'Try Guys' Tackle Immigration And The Results Are Emotional

"I'm ashamed of how much I was unaware of."

Buzzfeed’s Try Guys are typically known for their hilarious and sometimes nonsensical videos, but their latest video chronicles a more serious issue: immigration

Immigration is an enormously complex process in the United States, and while many acknowledge the system is broken, few agree on where or how to begin reform. With the help of law professor Hiroshi Motomura, first-generation American Maral Milani and Mexican visa-recipient Andrea Sosa, the Try Guys attempt to go through the path to American citizenship. 

Ned, Eugene, Zach and Keith all assume immigrant identities and try to find the best way to get to the United States. And it’s complicated.

“I’ve gotta do something to save my family,” Keith says in the video. “I’ve got three kids depending on me. There’s no path for me.” 

Even when the citizenship process is “easy,” such as Ned’s route of marrying a citizen, things get complicated when money and family relationships are thrown into the mix, and when Eugene’s student visa process is thrown off course by President Donald Trump’s travel ban. 

“I’m ashamed of how much I was unaware of,” Zach confesses in the video. 

Watch the full video above.



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