11 Foods You Should Resolve To Try In 2017

Let's all be a little more adventurous in the new year.

The world is full of delicious things to eat, and we’re willing to bet you haven’t tried enough of them. In fact, we’ll go so far as to wager that you haven’t tried anything new this month at all.

We don’t blame you ― it’s easy to get stuck in a food rut. (This editor has eaten the same breakfast of peanut butter toast with banana for almost five years straight.) But it’s time we all pushed out of our comfort zone and got adventurous, in the name of great food and the new year.

You might not be able to travel all over the world, eating your way across the globe like famed chef Anthony Bourdain. But there are a lot of new foods you can try without a passport. Some of that is thanks to international food markets, others are accessible because they can be made in the comfort of your kitchen ― but all of them deserve some time on your plate in the coming year.

Chances are that by now, you've heard of this Southesst Asian fruit. You've probably also mocked its popularity along with the folks on Portlandia. Now it's time you tried its custardy, sweet flesh -- no matter how bad it might smell.
Soft Shell Crab
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We know -- it feels wrong to eat a crab just when they're molting their shell and extremely vulnerable. But what can we say -- that's when these blue crabs taste their best! (Especially once they've been battered, fried and served in a sandwich.)
by Thomas Gasienica via Getty Images
Kimchi is just spicy, pickled cabbage, but it also happens to be the national dish of Korea. There's a reason Koreans love this dish so much -- served alongside or in other foods, it brings ordinary meals to the next level.
Head Cheese
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If you're all about eating sustainably, you should support head cheese. It's as sustainable as it gets because it embodies the practice of using the whole animal, head to hoof. Head cheese is the meat found in the head of a pig; there is in fact no cheese. And it's just as delicious as any other piece of meat found on a charcuterie plate.
Walking Taco
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Nope, you are not abovethe walking taco. No one is. The walking taco is basically a bag of fritos with taco toppings on it. You can eat it on the go with a fork and it is a meal everyone should experience. Once you do (and decide you need more of it in your life), consider one of these simple upgrades.
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If you like sushi, you'll love ceviche. The two aren't similar in origin -- they aren't even similar in flavor -- but they are the same in that they promise the best fresh fish experience of your life. Ceviche -- a dish of fresh fish and/or seafood marinated in citrus -- is hugely popular in Peru and other Latin American countries. And once you try it, you'll soon see why.
Squash Blossoms
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Yep, flowers. We want you to eat these flowers. But first, stuff them with ricotta, lightly fry them, and then see how these beautiful golden petals taste even better than the summer squash they're meant to grow.
Pimento Cheese
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We don't care if you don't like mayo, you still must give pimento cheese a try. This simple southern dish-- made of shredded cheese, mayonnaise and pimento peppers -- is a beloved staple and it will wow you in how special it feels.
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The way we feel in love with sweetbread was by trying it before knowing what it was. Sweetbread is the thymus gland of an animal. It is most commonly from veal and lamb, though beef and pork can also be found. If you're ready to start upon your offal adventure, definitely begin with sweetbread. Theirtender texture and creamy flavor will quickly win you over.
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Honeycomb does not come cheap, but it's a splurge that everyone should try at least once. It really is nature's candy.
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We mean REAL ramen. Not cheap noodles served in instant broth. Real ramen comes in a soul-satisfying broth that will soothe you for days, along with freshly made chewy noodles that you audibly have to slurp up to eat, and if you're lucky, a soft cooked egg.