Try Not To Cry Watching This Boy With Autism At A Coldplay Concert

Pass the tissues.

An emotional video of a boy with autism weeping at a Coldplay concert has gone viral, and even got the attention of the band.

On April 16, Luis Vazquez brought his son, Huillo, to see Coldplay perform at Foro Sol in Mexico City. Three days later, Vazquez uploaded a video from the concert to YouTube, and, as it shows, Huillo, who has autism, had a beautiful reaction to the song "Fix You." In an incredibly powerful moment, Huillo cries tears of joy and jumps around with his dad, who kisses him and sings along.

The tear-jerking video has reached more than 2.8 million views on YouTube, with countless positive comments praising the "beautiful" video, "the power of music" and "the power of love."

Coldplay also caught wind of the video and shared it on Twitter.

"This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile," the band tweeted.

Pass the tissues, please!

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