Trygger iPhone Case Brings Vibrant Colors And Sharp Contrast To 4/4S Camera (VIDEO)

Trygger, a Portland, Ore.-based design company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new product -- a camera case for the iPhone 4/4S that has a built-in, adjustable polarizing filter.

As demonstrated in the company's promotional video (see below), which features a working prototype, the glass filter slides over the camera lens on an iPhone, and cuts out "glare and unwanted reflections," making for more vibrant colors and sharper contrast.

While many iPhone apps offer enhancements that can be applied after a photo is taken, the Trygger iPhone case filter allows users to adjust polarization beforehand. Apply the old programming principle "garbage in, garbage out," and the benefits of adjusting the polarization make a lot of sense.

It should be noted that using a polarized filter won't instantly make you an iPhone photo wiz, but it can make quite a difference, especially when shooting in bright outdoor light, or taking pictures of clouds or water. However, as this guide points out, there can be a few drawbacks.

But in terms of fulfilling its purpose, the Trygger case appears to have a lot of promise.

The product's simple, solid design has so far earned praise from various tech media outlets.

CNET reviewer Joe Aimonetti was "immediately blown away" by a demonstration of the Trygger prototype, writing that "no app... can give you what the Trygger case offers."

The project, which has a fundraising goal of $25,000, had received just under $8,000 in pledges as of press time. If Trygger can hit its fundraising goal and make it to market, it will compete with the many cheap cases available on the web, and some durable, high-end ones that can retail for as much as $79. Trygger plans to price its case at $49.95.

WATCH: Trygger iPhone Case With Adjustable Polarizing Filter:



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