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Trying To Stay Charged

I went for a walk last week. But my fitbit wasn’t charged. And then my wireless headphones weren’t charged. Oh and then there was my phone that was low on juice. So I grabbed my external battery charger only to find it low on power as well.

All I wanted to do was go on a walk. You know, like put on my shoes and go. But it suddenly wasn’t that simple.

If I walked without my fitbit what is the motivation in that? I wouldn’t know my step count for the day. The horror! I wouldn’t get that satisfying buzz as I hit the 10,000 step mark.

If I didn’t have my headphones on I wouldn’t be able to listen to my book on audible or the motivational podcast I am currently obsessed with.

Oh and my phone. I can’t leave the house with a dead phone. What if one of my children needs to call and tell me that they love me.

And that back up battery pack. Don’t even get me started. It is like an umbilical cord to my phone. Keeping me connected, you know in case my kids text me a funny cat video.

But then reality seat in. It is a beautiful day in the upper Midwest. Winter will be here before I know it. The weather is perfect and we don’t get enough days where a walk outside is a great idea.

I have shoes that feel good on my feet and my body enjoys the steps. The counting of the steps from an external source is not the important part. The fact that my feet are moving is the part I should focus on.

And those wireless headphones can be left behind and I can listen to the sounds of nature instead. The crickets and grasshoppers and the mourning dove and the killdeer as it runs in front of me on my walk. Oh and there is that sound of the leaves in the wind and that little stream that I could stop at to pause and listen to the flow of the water.

My phone. Yes my phone. That is a hard one. I may want to take a photo. I may want to text a friend. I may need to call for a ride if I fall down a hole. But then I got over myself and realized if I want my kids to get off of their phones shouldn’t I be ok with leaving mine behind for an hour? And that external battery pack, scrap it too.

I realized that taking a walk is no longer an easy task. It seemed to be that our dependence to keeping our things charged that we are in fact not fully charging ourselves. I know how good I feel after I go for a walk. My mood is lifted and I feel a sense of pride after doing my loop through my neighborhood. I was letting a few electronics stop my walk.

Plus all those electronics add clutter to our lives. They are soon outdated and need to be upgraded. And there is the concern of how to dispose of them. So we just keep them a little longer until we find of a way to properly dispose of them.

And ask yourself the question, what would happen if I let the battery drain in the electronics and filled myself up in other ways? Read a physical book that your checked out from the library. Take a nap. Meet a friend for a cup of tea. Play a board game with your child. Write your mom a letter, an actual letter. It will be the best gift you could ever give her! Or volunteer at your local homeless shelter.

So take a look at your life this week and see what you have to keep charged in order to go about your day. See if you can let the battery drain.

To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity

Melissa is a Productivity Consultant and author living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!

Melissa’s e-book on Kitchen Organizing can be found on Amazon.