TSA Agents Refused Service At Seattle-Tacoma Area Cafe

Seattle-Tacoma Cafe Tells TSA Agents To Get Lost

UPDATE: We contacted the City of Seattle Police department for comment, and they forwarded us to the Port of Seattle Police Department and spokesman Perry Cooper. When asked for comment, Cooper said he "knew nothing about this story" until Wednesday.

A restaurant near the Seattle-Tacoma airport has banned TSA agents from dining in their establishment, according to Elliot.org.

The unnamed restaurant started banning TSA agents following the increased fervor over the agency's patdown techniques last fall (remember "National Opt Out Day"?).

One cafe employee, K.C. McLawson, told consumer advocate Christopher Elliot her boss was so angry at the new procedure that the restaurants has "posted signs on our doors basically saying that they [TSA agents] aren't allowed to come into our business. We have the right to refuse service to anyone."

McLawson was also quoted by Elliot as saying:

My boss flies quite a bit and he has an amazing ability to remember faces. If he sees a TSA agent come in we turn our backs and completely ignore them, and tell them to leave. Their kind aren't welcomed in our establishment. A large majority of our customers -- over 90 percent -- agree with our stance and stand by our decision. We even have the police on our side and they have helped us escort TSA agents out of our cafe. Until TSA agents start treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve, then things will change for them in the private sector.

Elliot, curious to find McLawson's exact place of business did some digging and says that her IP address is from the Seattle area, but cannot confirm where exactly she works and if McLawson is her real name.

Elliot might also be unable to confirm McLawson's location if she sent her email through a proxy server or used a fake email address.

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