TSA Choir Brings The Holiday Spirit To LAX (VIDEO)

The TSA has been getting such a bad rep lately for its intrusive pat-downs and the general unpleasantness of flying. But the TSA Choir of LAX airport is here to change that: 17 TSA agents from that airport have joined together to become the TSA Choir, singing Christmas tunes to anxious travelers this holiday season, according to USA Today.

Ernie Perez, a TSA agent and tenor in the band, told USA Today: "We know how grueling traveling can be; we just put a new face on TSA."

Passenger Miriam Kositchek was on her way to the gate for her flight to London when she saw the choir. She told USA Today, "Wow, it's crazy. In this climate, where travel is so scrutinized and security is so tight, it's nice. It adds some lightheartedness to travel."

WATCH below: