TSA Finds Dog In Backpack Sent Through Wisconsin Airport X-Ray Machine

The incident came just weeks after TSA officials discovered a cat inside a passenger's checked bag.

Holiday travel is stressful, and there’s always a lot to keep track of, so here’s a friendly reminder: Make sure you know where your pets are.

A passenger at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin, accidentally sent her dog through the X-ray machine on Sunday, according to Transportation Security Administration officials.

“The passenger was unaware of screening protocol and did not alert the Transportation Security Officers that there was a small dog in a backpack-style carrier,” Jessica Mayle, a TSA spokesperson for the Great Lakes region, told Nexstar, per People magazine.

In a tweet Tuesday, TSA at Great Lakes shared an X-ray photo of the dog, reportedly a dachshund-Chihuahua mix, and confirmed the owner had sent her pooch through the machine by accident. The agency reminded travelers of the TSA’s animal guidelines.

“When traveling with any animal, notify your airline & know their rules,” the post read in part. “At the checkpoint, remove your pet from the bag and send all items, including the empty carrier, to be screened in the machine.”

Mayle told Nexstar the passenger “proceeded to her gate” after her bags were properly checked. The incident came mere weeks after TSA at New York’s Kennedy International Airport found a stowaway cat in a checked bag. The cat belonged to the shocked passenger’s roommate, per WKBN.

“On the bright side, the cat is out of the bag and safely back home,” Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokesperson, told the outlet.

The Great Lakes TSA posted a follow-up tweet on Sunday that included a video demonstration of proper screening procedures for passengers traveling with animals. While the footage depicted a man and his cat, the same security measures apply for man’s best friend.

“If you think your pet will attempt an escape, ask to speak with a supervisor before removing the animal,” tweeted the Great Lakes TSA. “Alternative screening options may be available.”

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