The TSA's Retired Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Are Up For Adoption

These federal dogs took their jobs seriously. And now they need forever homes.

Between sniffing out drugs and uncovering bombs, Transportation Security Administration-trained pups have an important job.

But what happens when they retire from their federal careers? Well, that’s where you come in. At least, that’s what TSA is hoping.

Alex Wong via Getty Images

The TSA is looking for homes for retired explosives-detection dogs, as well as for dogs that didn’t make it all the way through the training program. The dogs, usually aged 2 to 10, are typically German shorthaired pointers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, or Belgian malinois.

These breeds all are known for being very active, and aren’t used to living in typical homes, so they may require extra attention to get accustomed to their new living situation, according to a TSA press release.

The TSA originally put out the call for adoptions in November, but recently told Country Living that the adoption program is ongoing and there are still dogs looking for families.

If you want to give a TSA dog a forever home, submit an application to to make sure you meet the requirements to adopt. Once approved, coordinators will help find the right fit for each dog and family.

There are no adoption costs, but you do have to pick up your dog in San Antonio, Texas.

For more information, check out the TSA website here.

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