So THAT'S How To Tell What You Can't Bring Onto A Plane

This magical tool changes everything.

When life gives us lemons, we usually wonder whether we can bring them on a plane. Thanks to this epic travel tool, we don’t have to wonder any more!

It has come to our attention that the Transportation Security Administration ― also known as the TSA ― answers traveler questions directly on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the TSA actively encourages travelers to message or tweet at them with questions about what they can and can’t pack in luggage. They promise to send a speedy reply (during business hours, of course).

Ever if wonder if you can fly with your nail polish, for example? The TSA has an answer for you:

The TSA is the first federal agency to conduct customer service on Facebook, USA Today reports. Their Facebook service launched last month, joining an active @AskTSA Twitter feed that launched last year.

Of course, travelers can also check the TSA website for rules about items in carry-on and checked bags, if they’d prefer to steer clear of social media.

Air travel is full of unsavory characters, but the TSA is not one of them: They’re known for a savvy social media presence, including this hilarious Instagram account with photos of outlandish confiscated items.

Happy travels!

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