TSA Firing, Suspending Bag Screeners At Boston's Logan Airport

6 TSA Screeners Get The Axe In Boston

Those up for suspension are charged with "violating inspection procedures," while the others were called out for "inattention to duty," according to the paper. These indiscretions were discovered after a routine audit showed the agents were paying more attention to their cell phones than the baggage screening monitors. They will be out for three to 14 days, unpaid.

"All TSA employees are held to the highest standards of conduct and accountability," the agency said in a statement, according to the Associated Press. "These standards are critical to our work and TSA's commitment to the safety of the traveling public."

CNN reports that the six agents being fired failed to consistently send those checked bags requiring a secondary screening to the proper agents. No threats were found in the bags that should have been inspected, as luggage passes through more layers security after their screening.

Boston's Logan Airport was in the news earlier this month after TSA officers complained that their coworkers are targeting minorities.

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