TSA Instagram Account Documents Items Confiscated At Airport Security Checkpoints

Other than toothpaste in quantities greater than 3.4 ounces, ever wonder what the TSA actually confiscates?

Wonder no more. A TSA Instagram account, dedicated to documenting prohibited items found at airport checkpoints, went live in late June. Its first post, a compilation of seized fireworks and brass knuckles, is accompanied by a hashtag-heavy public service announcement: "#Fireworks don't fly. (On planes) #july4 #travel #instatsa #firstpost #aviation.'

Other shots include a variety of intimidating-looking knives (including several designed for throwing), handguns, a stun gun designed to look like a pack of cigarettes, and -- inexplicably -- an inert grenade.

The photos make for a surprisingly entertaining peek behind the TSA curtain, even if, as Motherboard argues, it's a PR move designed to portray the agency in a better light.

Adds Buzzfeed, wryly, "Your tax dollars at work."

PHOTOS via the TSA's Instagram feed:

PHOTOS: TSA Joins Instagram