TSA Ramadan Guidelines Spark Controversy (VIDEO)

The TSA has released an advisory to travelers about what they might witness from Muslims observing Ramadan, leading to a debate about whether the release puts an unfair spotlight on the Muslim community.

During a discussion about the issue on HuffPost Live, Muslim Public Affairs Council Director Haris Tarin argued the TSA advisory makes Muslims seem "quite alien."

"Although well intentioned, it unfortunately brings out the sense that muslims become this fifth column or this completely different group of people for the month of Ramadan," Tarin said.

Another voice against the TSA's guidelines is Melody Moezzi, a UN global expert who said the TSA has not taken similar measures for other religious holidays.

"Have they done this for Ash Wednesday, just to tell everybody that people may have ash on their foreheads, or people may be genuflecting more when it's Lent or things like that?" Moezzi said.

HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill pointed out that the TSA has released guidelines for Jewish holidays, particularly "ones that are less understood."

Watch the full debate about the TSA and Ramadan on HuffPost Live HERE.



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