Reviewers Call This Famous Mop-Vac The ‘Best Invention Ever’ — And It’s $150 Off

This cordless smart vacuum doubles as a mop, and reviewers have achieved jaw-dropping results.
The Tineco Floor One S5 has a 30% larger water tank than previous models.
The Tineco Floor One S5 has a 30% larger water tank than previous models.

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Even if you’re not on TikTok, you might have heard about the legendary Tineco cordless vacuum-mop that has been going viral on the app for what seems like its entire existence. It’s a breezy little gadget that, on one of its most viewed videos, powers through a blob of mustard in just one pass.

“The best purchase I made in my whole life is my Tineco,” one TikTok user responded. “Every time I use it I’m still amazed.”

Former HuffPost senior editor Janie Campbell was even convinced to buy a Tineco herself (an earlier iFloor model similar to this one) and confidently claimed that “it was worth the money.” Now, a smart version with gorgeously updated features known as the Tineco Floor One S5 is on big-time sale right now at Amazon for 30% off.

Here’s how the Tineco vacuum mop works: There’s a clean water tank and a dirty water tank, and the machine vacuums as a mop roller head uses the clean water to scrub and polish your floor. The vacuum not only hoovers up dirt, but also sucks up the dirty water left from the mopping process. This is a huge advantage over most wiping robot mops, which scrub well enough but don’t actually remove dirty water.

The One S5 also has a 30% larger water tank than previous models, which means users can cover more ground in one cleaning session, without having to dump and refill the tank — a dual system that keeps dirty water and the cleaning solution separate.

Campbell previously wrote that she was also shocked at how lightweight and maneuverable the Tineco is. She claimed that the self-propelling feature means it’s very easy for most people to use and never makes her wrist ache or feels heavy to guide around. And thanks to this version’s enhanced brush head design, even baseboards get clean as you run the Tineco along the floor’s edge.

“And although you do need to rinse certain parts after each use, that isn’t laborious or difficult, either (it takes about one whole minute). The Tineco even performs a self-cleaning process on the mop head. I was extremely skeptical about that part of the process, but it left the roller looking like it’d never even been used before,” Campbell said.

This version also features the brand’s proprietary smart sensor technology, which essentially automatically adjusts the vacuum-mop’s level of suction, water floor and brush roller speed depending on the surface and mess you’re cleaning. In terms of runtime, the Tineco gives you up to a solid 35 minutes of operation per charge.

According to our price tracker, this is the closest this model has come to its Black Friday price, so it may be worth your while to pick up this souped-up Tineco now while it’s on sale. You can also take a peek at some promising reviews from happy Tineco customers down below.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“Listen, judge my dirty floors if you want, but stick around for this review.
I live on a farm, and one adorable golden retriever loves to run around and play, but the thing is, her cute little paws track in dirt and red clay like none other, hence, the extremely dirty floors.
I would mop 3-4 times a week the “traditional” way and it was a CHORE. Vacuum, mop, let dry, rinse, repeat. The thing is, the floors never got “clean”.
Cue the entrance of this AMAZING tool. HOLY SMOKES!!!! Not only does this get my floors extremely clean, it took out the stress and cut my cleaning time by more than half. AND when I’m done it just CLEANS ITSELF?!? I choose to still vacuum before using due to farm debris brought in by the golden sunshine so I’m not constantly cleaning out hair and sticks and such out of the dirty water tank.
To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, efficient and all around has made my life easier and my home a million times cleaner.
I rave about it to all who will listen and I’m convinced that if this mopvac can clean red clay off of concrete floors, it can clean pretty much anything. Can’t recommend enough.” — TremTrot

Best invention ever. I have nothing to compare it to but i have a dog and a toddler. When my son started crawling, i would sweep and mop the floors every morning. Used to take me about 30 minutes a day. This takes me 7-10 minutes and keeps the fur off the floors better. It is self propelled and really easy to use. Self cleaning option is great! I haven’t used the app or WiFi yet but I’m very pleased with my purchase. There are some glitches, like sometimes it says the dirty water canister is full right after you empty it. And it told me that the water reservoir was empty when it was full I usually just had the docket for a while and turn it back on to get it to work again. That can be quite frustrating but still worth the purchase” — Lauren

“I don’t like this vaccum/mop I LOVE IT! I originally ordered the S3 but the clean water tank was way too small so I upgraded to the S5. I have a dog that sheds like mad but truthfully if there is a lot of hair I will first vaccum with my other vaccum and then go over the floor to vaccum what I missed and it mops at the same time. I have had zero issues with battery life but I will say when I clean my downstairs which is about 2000 sq ft I have to clean the dirty water tank once before completing and the clean water tank I have to refill. But it absolutely beats any mop I have bought and used and the self cleaning feature is great. The dirt that’s in the dwt is disgusting so I know it’s cleaning my floors. If u have a spot that doesn’t come right up I just place the roller over the spot until it’s gone. Only once in a blue do I have to manually get a spot. Is it perfect. No, but what is but it’s close to being and really I no longer dread having to mop. I have had THE Brissell spin mop which I had to replace 3xs and then I had 2 manual spin mops which I absolutely hate. Run don’t walk if u hate mopping as much as I do. It’s worth every dime and if your lucky you will get a slight discount.” — Elise Ralby

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