Tucker Barnes Drenched In 'Probably The Remnants Of Raw Sewage' During Hurricane Irene Coverage (VIDEO)

WATCH: Weatherman Drenched In 'Probably The Remnants Of Raw Sewage,' Delivers Report Anyway

You can't do that on television. Well, you can ... but you'll probably want to shower afterward.

Tucker Barnes of Washington's WTTG ventured to Ocean City, Md. on Saturday to do a live report on Hurricane Irene.

Getting wet during a hurricane is an occupational hazard for most weathermen, but MyFoxNY reports that the green "sea foam" pouring all over Barnes was "Probably the remnants of raw sewage," adding, "The foam is often a toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria."

"It doesn't taste great," Barnes noted.

It's not easy being ... a meteorologist.

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