Tucker Carlson's Democrat COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Is One For The Books

The Fox News host pushed all the panic buttons in a paranoid segment that even called Anthony Fauci "capricious and transparently political."

Tucker Carlson said Thursday that coronavirus safety guidelines were really a plot to promote Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign against Donald Trump. (Watch the video above.)

In a rambling segment that attempted to build his kooky case for a conspiracy to make America so unhappy that it would back the presumptive Democratic nominee, the Fox News host called Democrats “radicals” who “will do anything for control.”

“Democrats understand that the unhappier Americans become, the more likely they are to win,” Carlson said on his show. “Unhappy people want change, it is not complicated. So every ominous headline about the state of the country makes it more likely that Donald Trump will lose his job. The more that people suffer, the greater Joe Biden’s advantage. Democrats have a strong incentive, therefore, to inflict as much pain as they can, and that’s what they are doing.”

He even called Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert known for his level-headed guidance as a White House task force member, “capricious and transparently political.”

Watch above as Carlson tries to bolster his paranoia-fueled fancy, from the early days of the pandemic through the shutdown of sports, shelter-in-place orders, Black Lives Matter protests and school closings for fall.

Carlson basically said they were all a plot to destroy polling numbers for how Americans feel about the country in order to boost Biden’s chances.

Said Carlson: “It’s a tragedy, but for Democrats it’s a win.”

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