Tucker Carlson's Creepy Insult Of Canadians Ratchets Up Wiseguy Invasion Threat

The Fox News host mocked Canada in a follow-up to his call for the U.S. to "liberate" the country from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Tucker Carlson likened Canadians to stalkers on Wednesday in a dismissive follow-up to his call for the U.S. to invade Canada. (Watch the video below.)

Earlier this week, the Fox News host bounced between serious and satire on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” as he suggested armed forces liberate Canada from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “And I mean it,” he said. He later laughed and said he was talking himself “into a frenzy.”

On his prime-time show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday, the right-wing personality added insult to his instigating.

He accused Trudeau of running a dictatorship and said, “We’re America. We don’t like dictatorships. We liberate dictatorships. That’s what we do.”

Carlson replayed the moment when he asked why the U.S. didn’t take military action against its northern neighbor to remove Trudeau.

“It’s a fair question and honestly we thought the Canadians would be flattered because they’re always flattered when you talk about them,” Carlson said. “They’re like stalkers: You don’t know they exist but they’ve got pictures of you in their dorm room.”

“So if you do a Canada joke on TV, they go absolutely crazy,” he continued. “They don’t know how to handle it. Or what it means. But it doesn’t matter. They’re excited.”

Carlson pivoted to footage of Canadian parliament member Matthew Green proposing a resolution to condemn the Fox News host for his comments. It was voted down.

“We did not suggest the armed forces liberate Canada,” Carlson said, even though he did. “You’re flattering yourself, Canadian member of parliament. We wouldn’t need the armed forces.”

Carlson sneered that a couple of college kids with sled dogs could do the trick.

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