Tucker Carlson Demeans Deb Haaland's Native American Heritage In Bratty Sarcastic Bit

The Fox News host mock-celebrated Haaland's expected confirmation as interior secretary -- and her Scandinavian heritage.

Tucker Carlson, a white Fox News host whose prime time show has survived multiple accusations of racism, tried sarcasm Monday to diss enthusiasm over Native American interior secretary nominee Deb Haaland. (Watch the video below.)

Haaland, a Democratic member of the House from New Mexico, will be the first indigenous Cabinet secretary if confirmed. It’s another step in representation for groups that have been treated like second-class citizens, but Carlson mocked the media for noting the significance.

“It seems a little weird to be ‘excited’ about an accident of birth,” Carlson said, adding that the historical context played into “immoral” identity politics.

Carlson mentioned that Haaland’s late father was Norwegian, so people of Scandinavian background could be proud as well. But it was all a wise-ass sneer.

“In their quiet brooding way, the Scandinavian community, we can tell you, is beaming with pride,” he said facetiously. “Finally one of ours has made it. Little girls with names like Larson, Hanson and Dahl will watch Cabinet meetings on C-SPAN and know that they too have a chance to oversee one-fifth of the American land mass someday. When Deb Haaland speaks, she’ll be speaking for millions of Norwegian Americans, people whose ancestors have been here in the Americas for more than 1,000 years. Their voices can now be heard. Deb Haaland, hero to the Nordic people. She’s welcome in our sauna anytime.”

Haaland, who would lead lead the federal agency that oversees public lands and tribal obligations, is awaiting final Senate confirmation.