Tucker Carlson Supports Fake Vaccine Card Users

The Fox News star said "decent, law-abiding Americans" are buying fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Tucker Carlson on Thursday defended unvaccinated people buying fake vaccination cards as the delta variant continued to fuel the COVID-19 pandemic. (Watch the video below)

Fox News’ prime-time peddler of vaccine skepticism used Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.’s depiction of ID card fraud as a “serious crime” for his jumping-off point. (Vance announced forgery charges this week in a COVID-19 card conspiracy involving several health care workers.)

“Buying a fake vaccination card is not a, quote, ‘serious crime,’” Carlson said. “It’s not even close to a serious crime. Buying a fake vaccination card is an act of desperation by decent, law-abiding Americans who have been forced into a corner by tyrants.”

“You know what’s a serious crime?” the host continued. “Forcing Americans to take drugs they don’t need or want. That’s a very serious crime. And let’s hope, in the end, someone is punished for it, severely.”

Fake vaccination cards have been proliferating as entertainment venues, businesses and workplaces mandate proof of immunization. Carlson has been tirading against those public health measures, falsely claiming the vaccines are ineffective.

Carlson’s latest commentary was rich with hypocrisy. He said unvaccinated people who bought the forged COVID cards risked their careers to “reserve their right to bodily autonomy.” But he defended Texas’ new extreme abortion ban, which strips women of their rights.

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