Tucker Carlson Agrees With Guest’s Chilling Prediction About Fascism In America

"Right, that's right," the Fox News personality responded to the worrying suggestion.

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson on Thursday agreed with a guest’s suggestion that the American right wing will “pick a fascist” to lead “within 10 to 20 years.”

During a discussion centered on the conservative talking point of Democrats’ double standards, Carlson asked talk show host Jesse Kelly if “at some point, some people are just going to say, ‘Why should I follow the rules ― why should I be a good citizen if they don’t have to follow the rules?’”

“I mean things kind of break down at some point, don’t they?” Carlson continued.

“They will break down, they are breaking down, Tucker,” Kelly responded.

“I’ve said this before. And I’m telling you, I worry that I’m right. The right is going to pick a fascist within 10 to 20 years,” Kelly said. “Because they’re not going to be the only ones on the outs.”

“Right. That’s right,” said Carlson.

“There’s 60, 70 million of us. We’re not a tiny minority,” Kelly added. “And if we’re going to be all treated like criminals, and all subject to every single law, while antifa, Black Lives Matter guys go free and Hunter Biden goes free, then the right’s going to take drastic measures.”

Carlson then added: “We are moving toward actual extremism because they’re undermining the system that kept extremism at bay, and I don’t think we can say that enough.”

Watch the exchange here:

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