Tucker Carlson Surprises No One By Parroting New Russian Conspiracy Theory

The Fox News host predictably "asked questions" about a propaganda claim linking Hunter Biden to biolabs in Ukraine.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday parroted Russian propaganda linking Hunter Biden to Ukrainian biolabs that was disseminated by the Kremlin to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry released a colorful diagram that claims to prove that President Joe Biden’s son was involved in funding a secret U.S. bioweapons plot in Ukraine.

Several commentators predicted the claim would end up on Fox News, where Hunter Biden theories are ever-popular. Julia Davis, a columnist for The Daily Beast who monitors Russian media, suggested it was crafted with hopes of getting a Fox News feature.

Hours later, it got its shoutout.

Citing a report in the right-wing website National Pulse, Carlson said, ”Apparently a private equity firm run by Hunter Biden funded some of the research into pathogens in these biolabs.”

“What are the outlines of that story? We’re not sure,” he continued. “We know it’s legitimate to ask what it means, why wouldn’t it be? You’re not a Russian agent repeating discredited Putin talking points if you ask. You’re a good citizen.”

Russia’s baseless claims about American biological warfare labs in Ukraine have taken root in U.S. right-wing networks in recent weeks. Despite repeated debunking from U.S. officials, Carlson has devoted considerable airtime to promoting the conspiracy theory, appearing to side with the Kremlin over the U.S. government.

The Fox News host has repeatedly pushed pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine talking points as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his war on the neighboring nation.

Multiple excerpts from Carlson’s show have been translated to serve as propaganda on Russian state-sponsored TV. Earlier this month, Mother Jones detailed a leaked memo in which the Kremlin asked state-controlled media to highlight Carlson “as much as possible” due to his criticism of the U.S. and its NATO allies and defense of Russia.

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