Tucker Carlson Dials Up Anti-Immigration Rhetoric: ‘Crowded Countries Are Ugly, Unhappy’

Critics slammed the Fox News personality and accused him of echoing Nazi rhetoric with his latest hateful comments.

Fox NewsTucker Carlson faced fierce criticism on Wednesday after he again dialed up his rhetoric against immigration into the United States, claiming it was making the country crowded, ugly and unhappy.

“Unlike other disasters, mass illegal immigration is permanent. No one ever really gets sent home,” said the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host, who’s previously used his widely watched prime time show to rant about immigrants replacing Americans and to claim that immigration is making America “dirtier.”

“Over the past 30 years, the population of the United States has exploded by nearly 100 million people, mostly due to immigration,” he continued. “Were you even aware that that happened?”

“This is becoming a crowded country, and crowded countries are ugly, unhappy countries. Why are we letting that happen?” he asked. “Well, that’s a rhetorical question, of course. No one asked us what we wanted, they just did it.”

Watch the video here:

Critics took Carlson to task on Twitter, saying the personality’s comments echoed Nazi rhetoric.

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