Tucker Carlson Takes Jan. 6 Denial To Chilling Level With ‘Patriot Purge’ Trailer

Critics likened the Fox News personality's latest project to Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory-spewing InfoWars.

Fox NewsTucker Carlson on Wednesday teased his upcoming series about the U.S. Capitol riot that includes a suggestion that the pro-Donald Trump mob’s violence was a “false flag.”

The trailer for “Patriot Purge” takes Carlson’s previous reality-denying spin on the Trump-incited Jan. 6 insurrection to a chilling level.

The promo spot shows people warning that “the domestic war on terror is here” and “it’s coming after half of the country,” “the left is hunting the right,” and “false flags have happened in this country” and “one of which may have been Jan. 6th.”

The series will air on the Fox Nation streaming service starting Monday.

Carlson, like many right-wing media personalities and GOP politicians, has repeatedly downplayed the riot, once claiming it was just “a mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes.”

Hundreds of Trump fans have been charged in the violence, which led to the deaths of several rioters and police officers.

Carlson said Wednesday he was “proud” of the series, calling it “the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Critics likened it to Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory-spewing InfoWars.

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