Tucker Carlson Talks Nonsense About U.S. Invading Canada To Remove Trudeau

"Why should we let it become Cuba?" the Fox News host said after suggesting America launch an attack to "liberate" Canada.

Tucker Carlson on Thursday called for the U.S. to invade Canada and remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Fox News host claimed he meant it before saying he was talking himself “into a frenzy.” (Watch the video below.)

During Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” Carlson referenced the arrests last year of anti-vax truckers in Canada. The demonstrators paralyzed commerce and won over extremists with their traffic-tying protests of COVID-19 safety measures. At the time, Carlson said the country had become a dictatorship because the government took action.

And now he suggested he’d like to do something about it.

“I’m completely in favor of a Bay of Pigs operation to liberate that country,” Carlson said. “Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner ... why should we let it become Cuba? Like, why don’t we liberate it? We’re spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians. Why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau? And I mean it.”

The right-wing personality then laughed and said, “I’m just talking myself into a frenzy here.”

Carlson’s suggestion brought to mind the mostly forgotten 1995 movie “Canadian Bacon,” in which the United States fabricates tension with Canada, prompting American vigilantes to prepare for war.

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