Tucker Carlson Snarks That Jill Biden Is A Doctor 'In The Same Sense Dr. Pepper Is'

People on Twitter clapped back at the Fox News host, who also compared the incoming first lady to Bill Cosby, who's serving time for sex crimes.

People on social media fumed after Fox News personality Tucker Carlson compared Jill Biden’s “Dr.” title to Dr. Pepper and Bill Cosby.

The incoming first lady, who has a doctorate in education, uses the title “Dr.” in her name. A Wall Street Journal column last week suggested she drop it, igniting a sexism controversy, and former first ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton jumped to her defense.

Carlson waded into the debate on his Fox News show Monday, mocking Biden for preferring the title even though she’s not a medical doctor.

“Dr. Jill Biden has the very same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby does, which is one degree from Dr. Pepper,” he said.

He later piled on with a similar diss: “Jill Biden is not a doctor, no. Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is.”

Fast forward the clip below to 3:00 and 22:00 for Carlson’s remarks.

(HuffPost and other news organizations that follow The Associated Press style use the “Dr.” title in news articles only for medical doctors.)

Carlson’s soft drink barb and reference to a disgraced entertainer serving a prison sentence for indecent assault infuriated critics, with his name trending on social media late Tuesday. Some took the prime time personality to school.