Tucker Carlson Slips Anti-Vaccine Line Into Rant About Jill Biden's Vogue Profile

The Fox News personality likened the cover story about the first lady to North Korean propaganda.

Tucker Carlson railed against first lady Jill Biden’s new profile in Vogue on his Fox News show Thursday, and tossed in an irresponsible attack on COVID-19 vaccines, too.

Carlson said the fashion magazine’s August cover story about Biden was state-sanctioned propaganda.

“When it comes to authentic state media cult of personality hero worship, the propagandists at North Korea’s Communist Party news agency look on in awe at the reporters of Vogue magazine in New York,” he declared. “The Vogue guys do Stalinism the old-fashioned way. They are all in.”

Carlson mocked the magazine’s description of Biden as “driven, tireless” and “effortlessly popular.” 

And just as effortlessly he transitioned into bashing the coronavirus vaccines, which scientific studies and health experts say are a safe and effective way of combating the pandemic.

“In one scene from the Vogue piece, Dr. Jill cradles the arms of nervous women as they get the jab,” Carlson said. “‘Look at me,’ she coos reassuringly. ‘It doesn’t hurt.’ That’s right. It’s only Kool-Aid. Drink the whole cup.”