Tucker Carlson Mocks John Fetterman's 'Lump' Like A Low-Rent Comic

The Fox News host's cheap jabs at the Pennsylvania Senate candidate got old fast.

Tucker Carlson took the lowest of roads on Tuesday, mocking Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman for a “lump” on the back of his neck. (Watch the video below.)

The Fox News host previously poked fun at the lieutenant governor’s recovery from a stroke ― and now he’s going after Fetterman’s physical appearance.

Carlson sarcastically noted that he didn’t know Fetterman “had a running mate” until he removed his hoodie to reveal a “protrusion.”

“It’s a lump, but what sort of lump?” Carlson asked. “Does this lump have its own Instagram? Does it plan to run for statewide office in Pennsylvania? Don’t laugh. A party that put Joe Biden in the White House is perfectly capable of building a whole campaign around any ... lump of flesh. In fact, they’re running John Fetterman, who can’t even talk. So keep your eyes on this lump. It could very well run with Kamala Harris in 2024.”

Fast-forward to 25:30 for Carlson’s segment on Fetterman:

This from a prime-time personality who earlier this month joked about Fetterman’s recovery from his medical emergency.

“Run a wax dummy for office!” Carlson declared. “People who can’t form complete sentences apparently seem less threatening to voters.”

Fetterman has been leading in polls against the Donald Trump-endorsed Republican nominee Mehmet Oz, who also has mocked Fetterman for suffering a stroke.

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