Tucker Carlson Goes Full Bigot To Assess Karine Jean-Pierre's Qualifications

The Fox News host spewed a demeaning hot take on the new White House press secretary.

Tucker Carlson proudly wore his prejudice Tuesday in a cheap shot at new White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. (Watch the video below.)

Jean-Pierre is the first Black woman and openly gay person to hold the position being vacated by Jen Psaki this week. Jean-Pierre previously worked as President Joe Biden’s deputy press secretary.

The popular Fox News host declared that the administration had found someone as “shallow, nasty and partisan” as Psaki. He then assessed Jean-Pierre’s job qualifications as only someone who hates others on first sight could.

“Karine Jean-Pierre is our first out LGBTQ+ White House press secretary and that’s all you need to know,” Carlson said. “It’s a good thing, shut up and celebrate. That’s why she got the job. She’s in the right group and to the Biden administration, which thinks exclusively in terms of groups and never in terms of individuals because individuals are messy and inconvenient. The group is all that matters.”

“Show us your picture and we’ll tell you if you’re qualified for the job,” he added.

Carlson has a deep history of homophobic and racist comments.

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