Tucker Carlson Questions If Ketanji Brown Jackson's Views Are Black Enough

The Fox News host likened her to an "affluent white liberal" and suggested a “rap star off the street” was more likely to share the views of an average American.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday likened President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to a “white liberal” and suggested a “rap star off the street” was more likely to share the views of an average American.

Jackson has faced fierce questioning from Republicans this week during her Senate confirmation hearings on everything from her views of critical race theory to child pornography.

“I have to say, her views really seem like those of every affluent white liberal I’ve ever met,” Carlson said during a segment with his sports and politics commentator Clay Travis.

“If you want a Black candidate ― I’m serious! I think the country would get better representation from, you know. She’s just a carbon copy of everyone in the neighborhood I spent my life in,” Carlson added.

Travis agreed.

“This is what happens, Tucker, they want cosmetic diversity, but everybody to have the exact same opinions. No diversity of thought, diversity of appearance. It’s scary.”

Carlson then claimed Jackson’s views were not representative of “the average American.”

“If you picked a rap star off the street, that person’s views would more likely be closer to the views of the average American than the views of this woman, I would argue,” he said. “I’ve got money on it actually.”

Carlson has repeatedly targeted Jackson, the first Black woman to be nominated to the Supreme Court. He has questioned her qualifications and persistently mispronounced her name, a tactic from the racist playbook he used for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Earlier this month, Carlson sparked outrage after he demanded to see Jackson’s LSAT scores. The law school admission test results have little purpose beyond acceptance to law school and would certainly not be used to measure the proficiency of a person who has worked in the legal profession for decades.

Carlson repeated his demand to see those scores on Wednesday and complained: “You’re not allowed to ask because asking is racism.”

As many commentators observed last time, Carlson has not requested to see the LSAT scores of other Supreme Court nominees.

“This is simply Carlson, like so many other white bigots, trying to diminish Black achievement because such achievement is a threat to the myth of white superiority that he peddles,” lawyer and radio host Dean Obeidallah wrote in a column at the time. “Carlson wants his viewers to believe that Jackson couldn’t possibly have been admitted to Harvard Law School on her own merit — despite the fact she graduated with honors from there as she had as a Harvard undergraduate.”

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