Tucker Carlson's Bizarre Rant Over Lauren Duca

The Fox News host dedicated a whole segment, again, to the Teen Vogue writer. Obsessed?

For someone who says he doesn’t like Lauren Duca, Tucker Carlson sure talks a lot about her.

The Fox News host ended his show Friday night by bringing up the Teen Vogue columnist and political writer, yet again, for no apparent reason. This is now the third time Carlson has featured a segment on Duca during his show since their viral blow-up in December, when he spoke over her, attempted to belittle her work and told her to “stick to the thigh-high boots.”

In the most recent round of Duca-bashing, titled “The Problem With Lauren Duca,” Carlson dedicated a whole segment to tearing down the writer’s recent accomplishments, including her New York Times profile, her university commencement address and the heartwarming note that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent to her.

“The most remarkable thing about Lauren Duca is that, for a writer, she can barely write,” Carlson fumed. “And that’s a problem, even for someone paid to produce frothy political propaganda for a kids’ magazine.”

Carlson’s attack on Duca, a former HuffPost reporter, appeared to take aim at her new op-ed column at Teen Vogue, which he unwittingly helped name: “Thigh-High Politics.”

The Fox News host continued his rant against Duca by reading more of her writing ― even though he apparently hates it ― resurfacing her old tweets and playing clips of her interviews on other shows.

Carlson then took credit for Duca’s popularity, joking that she could one day become president.

“Every time we mention Duca on this show, she gets more and more famous and more revered on the left,” he snapped. “Maybe next week she’ll be honored by the pope and the Dalai Lama. If we mock that, she could get the Nobel Prize for Literature.”

He added: “Fifteen years from now we could be making fun of President Lauren Duca.

Carlson’s outburst isn’t surprising. This week, he sparred with a Black Lives Matter activist with the same aggression. What is bizarre is his apparent obsession with Duca ― and many viewers of the segment were quick to point it out.

But Carlson’s dedicated coverage of Duca’s life may have had an unintended consequence. We’ll see what happens 15 years from now.

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