Tucker Carlson: Liberal Elites Have Ruined U.S. Cities And Should Have Their Passports Seized

According to the Fox News host, the entire subscriber base of The New York Times has doomed America.

Tucker Carlson went on an extended rant about America’s cities on Thursday, arguing that their current struggles were exacerbated by liberal elites who needed to have their passports seized before they tried to escape the United States.

The Fox News host’s message was laid out in two headings on screen: “OUR LEADERS DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR REAL PROBLEMS” and “AMERICA’S CITIES ARE COLLAPSING BEFORE OUR EYES.” To prove his statements, he displayed crime statistics showing increased shootings in New York City, instances of homeless people sleeping in spots previously occupied by pedestrians and large retail chains leaving Manhattan. Carlson then focused on protests in other American cities, such as Chicago, Minneapolis and Bend, Oregon.

Rather than analyzing the Trump administration’s poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought many of these issues to the forefront, or the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of the police, Carlson blamed “BLM and antifa, crazed ideologues, grifters, criminals, antisocial thugs with no stake in society and nothing better to do than hurt people and destroy things.”

But the majority of his ire was aimed at wealthy Americans.

“American cities didn’t collapse by accident. Sociopathic children may have burned Wendy’s and looted the Gucci store, but rich adults made it possible. They paid for it all,” he said.

Carlson also argued that elites were striving to punish America’s middle class for voting for Donald Trump.

“The entire subscriber base of The New York Times has been seized by a frenzy of destructive rage. They’re throwing plates around the kitchen, beating the dogs, smashing the windows,” Carlson said. “At some point, they’re going to wake up from this bender and realize they’ve destroyed their own home. And their first instinct, as it always is, will be to leave, to split for St. Bart’s. But we should not let them. We should seize their passports now. They did this; they should have to live with the consequences ― in midtown.”

Carlson has regularly spun the argument that “elites” were manipulating America. He even wrote a book on the subject in 2018 titled Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution.

According to a Vox video in 2019, Carlson ― the son of a former Voice of America director and stepson of an heiress to the Swanson food empire ― is as much of an “elite” as the nebulous group he often targets. He admitted as much in a 2008 interview on “The Bubba the Love Sponge Show,” calling himself an “out-of-the-closet elitist” who was “absolutely not a man of the people at all.”

See the entire segment below:

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