Tucker Carlson Slammed Over ‘Lynching’ Comments About Derek Chauvin Trial

The Fox News personality accused the media of "lynching" the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd.

Fox NewsTucker Carlson on Monday again sought to sow doubt about the circumstances surrounding George Floyd’s death.

After closing arguments in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing Floyd in May 2020, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” personality accused the media of “lynching” Chauvin.

Video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds has proved central to the case, with the prosecution arguing Chauvin “knew what he was doing.” Chauvin’s defense, however, has claimed Floyd died as a result of underlying health conditions and the presence of drugs in his system.

Carlson contended that most Americans “still cannot say with any specificity just how” Floyd died.

“So, the closing arguments are a chance to assess actual evidence in the case, and you would think that would be good news ― more facts, which we could always use,” he continued. “But, no, said the media. Facts no longer matter, not when BLM’s founding myth is at stake. Evidence only counts in countries that have due process, something they are now telling us is an ugly relic of institutional racism.”

“When unpopular people seem guilty, you just go ahead and punish them, that’s the new rule,” Carlson added. “Years ago we called this lynching, now we call it equity.”

Watch the video here:

Carlson faced swift backlash on Twitter for his comments. Other recent Carlson rants have downplayed the U.S. Capitol riot, peddled white supremacist conspiracy theories and questioned COVID-19 vaccines.

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