Tucker Carlson Goes Full Fanboy Over Italy's New Far-Right Leader

The conspiracy theory-spewing Fox News personality urged the GOP to copy one tactic of Giorgia Meloni in particular.

Tucker Carlson on Monday heaped praise on Giorgia Meloni, the far-right Italian leader poised to become her country’s next prime minister.

Carlson, the conspiracy theory-spewing Fox News personality, claimed Meloni isn’t the hard-right politician that her critics say she is, despite the neo-fascist roots of her Brothers of Italy party.

The prime-time star also suggested the GOP adopt Meloni’s tone on what he described as the “onslaught” of “poisonous ideologies” faced by American families.

Then, before playing a clip of Meloni, Carlson added: “As you watch this, ask yourself if you would vote for a candidate like this if you had the chance in our country?”

Carlson has similarly fawned over Hungary’s authoritarian prime minister, Viktor Orban.

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