Tucker Carlson Backtracks On Michael Vick: 'Of Course I Don't Think He Should Be Executed' (VIDEO)

TUCKER BACKTRACKS: 'Of Course I Don't Think' Vick Should Be Executed

Tucker Carlson returned to "Hannity" on Monday and walked back his statement that footballer Michael Vick "should've been executed" for his abuse of dogs.

He had made the statement on last Tuesday's show after it emerged that President Obama had spoken with Vick. Sean Hannity joked that he'd read that Carlson was "destroying the show" during his break and asked him to explain his comments.

"This is what happens when you get too emotional," Carlson said. "I'm a dog lover...I love them and I know a lot about what Michael Vick did...I overspoke. I'm uncomfortable with the death penalty in any circumstance. Of course I don't think he should be executed, but I do think that what he did is truly appalling."

Watch (skip to 4:09 for Vick segment):

Hannity noted that Vick had gone to prison for what he did and paid a heavy public price, and that he has done work with many animal rights groups since his release. "Shouldn't we believe in redemption?" he asked.

"A convicted child molester doesn't get to adopt kids," Carlson responded. He quickly added that he wasnt comparing Vick to a child molester, but wanted to point out that just because he worked with animal rights societies didn't mean that people couldn't be "disgusted" at his actions.

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