Tucker Carlson Attacks Michelle Obama, Cardi B In Off-The-Rails Night On Fox News

The prime time personality managed to accuse Michelle Obama of playing the victim and Cardi B of peddling "filth."

Fox NewsTucker Carlson ranted against not one, but two prominent Black women on Tuesday evening, calling Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention “a total and complete crock” before assailing Cardi B’s new hit “WAP” as “filth.”

Michelle Obama, Carlson said in an opening segment devoted to criticizing the DNC, “delivered a taped address from her $11 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Michelle Obama, it’s fair to say, has done pretty well for herself. But what she wanted you to know last night was that she is still a victim ― she and everyone who looks like her ― so shut up and accept her dominion over you.”

Carlson argued that Obama was playing up her victimhood and used her speech to stoke racial tension.

“They hate me for my race, says the woman whose husband was elected by that very same country twice in a row, hence allowing her to buy an $11 million spread on Martha’s Vineyard, from which she lectures the plebes. And by the way, if Michelle Obama hates politics so much, why is she giving a political speech at a political convention?”

Carlson then showed a supercut of presenters from CNN and MSNBC praising the former first lady, claiming that the media didn’t dare question her. This supercut lacked several of Carlson’s colleagues at Fox News, including Dana Perino and Chris Wallace, who also lauded Obama’s DNC address.

See Tucker’s segment on Obama below, courtesy of Media Matters:

Later in his show, Carlson switched gears for a rare segment on pop culture, targeting rapper Cardi B for her new song about female pleasure.

“It’s garbage,” Carlson said, after repeatedly stressing that the “WAP” lyrics were too risqué for television. “It’s aimed at young American girls, maybe your girls, your granddaughters and what is it doing to them? Can you even imagine what it’s doing to them? People are getting rich pushing that crap on the country, and they should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re not ashamed of themselves. Joe Biden just did an interview with Cardi B.”

As a heading on-screen declared that ”‘WAP’ IS LIKELY THE MOST VULGAR SONG TO EVER TOP THE BILLBOARD CHARTS,” Carlson and frequent Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce speculated that Biden didn’t even know who Cardi B was when she interviewed him.

“This [song] is pushed by rich people, powerful people, in order to degrade and destroy our culture,” Carlson said, echoing one of his frequent talking points about liberal elites destroying America. “And I never thought I would use this word on TV because it’s such a 1950s blue-nose cliché, but this is filth. It actually is filth.”

See Tucker’s segment on Cardi B below, courtesy of Media Matters: