Tucker Carlson's Take Awkwardly Backfires When He Accidentally Slams Trump

Twitter users believed the Fox News host went after the former president's marital and financial woes.

Tucker Carlson mistakenly took a dig at the financial woes and marital life of former President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Carlson, in a segment about the war between Russia and Ukraine on Thursday, called the U.S. response to the invasion “classic mission creep,” in which the country extends the military’s stay for a purpose that’ll hurt America in the long term.

He later played a clip of former Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg telling Fox News host John Roberts that the U.S. should stay “all in” and noted that the nation hasn’t given Ukrainians weapons, such as an attack cruise missile, that can reach all of Crimea.

“It really can put the Russians at threat, but we haven’t done that. And I think we should put them at threat,” said Kellogg, who served from 1967 to 2003.

“Until [Vladimir Putin] really believes that we’re seriously going after him, he’s going to continue to make these threats.”

Carlson, in response to Kellogg’s take, said anyone who had a hand in the last five wars that hurt the U.S. long-term “should probably bow out of the conversation about the latest war,”

The reason for not listening to Kellogg about aiding Ukraine would be “for the same reason that you wouldn’t, say, take financial advice from someone who had gone bankrupt or go to marriage counseling with some who’s been mmm ... divorced three times because they’ve demonstrably failed in their so-called area of expertise.”

Carlson’s blow adds to a history of the Fox News host defending Russia and Putin, peddling a Russian conspiracy theory and dropping pro-Russia talking points on his show since the start of the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

You can watch a clip of Carlson accidentally slamming Trump below.

Carlson’s comparison wasn’t lost on Twitter users who believed the Fox News host almost let “married three times” slip out of his mouth.

Trump has been married three times and whose businesses have filed for bankruptcy protection on six occasions.

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