Tucker Carlson Called Out On His Own Show: ‘I Already Think Less Of You’

The Fox News host and guest Monica Klein get into a heated battle over abortion.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson engaged in a heated debate about abortion on Wednesday night with pro-choice advocate Monica Klein.

Carlson began by asking about late-term abortion comments made by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), but Klein, the co-founder of the political consulting firm Seneca Strategies, put him on notice right out of the gate.

“I understand that you want to go back to a time where Roe v. Wade was illegal, where women were having back-alley abortions and they were using coat hangers to have abortions,” she said.

“Don’t give me that,” Carlson said. “C’mon.”

Carlson told Klein not to be “tiresome” and said, “Please don’t be a robot.” He also asked her to pause “as a woman” to think about the issue.

Klein replied:

“Have you asked yourself why you spend so much time talking about this rather than thinking about why your party is trying to repeal Roe v. Wade and control women’s bodies. Right now, there are seven states where there’s only one abortion clinic. There are four states with trigger bans where if Roe v. Wade is repealed, women cannot get reproductive healthcare. This is about a woman’s right to choose and you as a man should not have a single say in that.”

“Wow,” Carlson replied.

He tried to steer the conversation back to late-term abortions, but Klein turned it around on him again.

“Your party is the one tearing families apart at the border and allowing children to die in federal custody,” Klein fired back. “Whose party is harming children?”

“Wow,” Carlson replied again.

“This is obviously a pointless conversation and I think less of you after it, I have to say,” Carlson said near the end of the debate.

“I already think less of you, so don’t worry,” Klein replied.

Check it out above.

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