Tucker Carlson Defends Trump: Lincoln And Gandhi Were 'Nationalists' Too

The Fox News host believes being a nationalist should be a "prerequisite for running a democracy."

On Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended President Donald Trump for declaring himself a “nationalist” the night prior, arguing that all world leaders should be.

It’s a term associated with Nazism and heavily used by white supremacists in recent years. On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson went on to insist that being a nationalist should be a “prerequisite for running a democracy.” (Watch it at 2:00 in the clip below.)

“A nationalist. In other words, a leader who puts his own country first. Who cares about his own people most. You’d think everyone in charge of a nation would be a nationalist,” he said.

“Hitler was a nationalist,” Carlson continued. “Of course so were Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln and every other leader of every other nation state throughout history until about 20 minutes ago.”

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