Tucker Carlson On Spitzer: "One Of The Least Sleazy Things He's Done"

Tucker Carlson has long disliked Eliot Spitzer, but moments after the governor's press conference apologizing for his involvement with a prostitution ring, Carlson defended him. Carlson, already having a bad day, called Spitzer's involvement with the Emperors Club "one of the least sleazy things he's done." Carlson foreshadowed a piling on of morality police and likened the situation to that which Bill Clinton found himself in.

"Getting all high-handed that a grown man went to a prostitute is nauseating." (1:11 into the video below)... A lot of us are like him, frankly (1:50 in)... Now just because he goes to a hooker they're going to be getting all high handed on him (2:10 in)... I just think this is one of the least sleazy things he's done."