Tucker Carlson Continues To Attack Group That Released His Old Racist And Sexist Comments

The Fox News host has not apologized for his years-long history of offensive rhetoric on a radio show.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again began his show on Tuesday attacking the media organization that dug up years of his old radio appearances in which he regularly made racist, sexist and homophobic statements.

Carlson opened his show slamming Media Matters for America, the nonprofit research organization that monitors news companies. It had published a series of investigations on Sunday and Monday that highlighted years of Carlson’s appearances on the shock-jock radio program “The Bubba the Love Sponge Show” from 2006 to 2011. During his weekly appearances, Carlson at times called women “primitive,” challenged former President Barack Obama’s race, used homophobic terms and called Iraqis “semi-literate primitive monkeys.”

He has not apologized, but instead blamed the media for attacking him.

“Media Matters is a George Soros-funded lobbying organization, whose sole mission is to punish critics of the Democratic Party,” Carlson said Tuesday. He later attacked CNN host Brian Stelter, who had criticized Carlson’s comments, as “the house eunuch at CNN.”

Media Matters is not funded by Soros, a prominent Democratic donor.

“Tucker Carlson red face ranting about Media Matters,” the group’s president, Angelo Carusone, wrote on Twitter. “He calls for us to be shut down. Not sure how that changes that he said that stuff in the past or changes that Fox News is toxic to advertisers.”

Carlson has defended himself against criticism over the remarks, saying they were just “naughty words” made in “jest.” He also noted on Monday that Fox News was “behind us” and he has not faced any public punishment for his remarks.

“This is the face of state media,” Carlson said Tuesday of efforts to publicize his old comments. “‘Why does Fox even exist?’ they wonder. ‘We’ve got 11 other perfectly good cable channels, all of them approved by management and obedient to the people in charge. How could anybody watch something different? Fox can’t be legitimate! They must be lying! Their viewers must be stupid!’”

Many have been calling for advertisers on Carlson’s program to pull their ads during Fox News’ 8 p.m. hour. Outback Steakhouse and AstraZeneca said they were no longer advertising on his show, but other companies, including Mitsubishi, have continued to buy ads on the program. By Tuesday, others had joined in, including Sleep Number and Sheex, which said they would end their ad buys.

A similar boycott last year after Carlson said immigrant were making America “dirtier” resulted in 20 companies pulling their spots from the program.

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