Tucker Carlson Doubles Down On White Supremacist Rant After Calls For His Firing

The Fox News host mocked backlash over his comments about the racist "great replacement theory."

The Anti-Defamation League called on Fox News to fire Carlson Friday after he invoked on-air the “great replacement” theory, a racist, far-right doctrine that imagines white people are intentionally being replaced with immigrants and minorities.

Carlson, seemingly emboldened by his network’s decision to stand behind him, replayed his original comments Monday night.

“It was true and therefore worth saying,” he said. “America badly needs a national conversation about it.”

He then took his comments a step further, insisting that “Demographic change is the key to the Democratic party’s political ambitions” and that “Democrats plan to change the population of the country” in order to win elections.

During an appearance Thursday night on “Fox News Primetime” with guest host Mark Steyn, Carlson said that Democrats are “trying to replace the current electorate of voters” with “more obedient voters from the Third World.”

“I have less political power because they are importing a brand new electorate,” Carlson said. “Why should I sit back and take that?”

He prefaced his remarks by saying that the left and Twitter users “become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’” and dismissed suggestions he was endorsing the theory under the guise of it being a “voting rights question.”

The “replacement theory” belief has motivated several high-profile mass shootings, including in El Paso, Texas, and Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019.

Carlson routinely flirts with overt white supremacist and anti-immigrant rhetoric on his show, one of America’s most-watched programs.

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