Tucker Carlson Flips Out Over Biden’s Vow To Appoint Black Woman To Supreme Court

The Fox News personality scoffed that the “obvious choice” would be the sister of George Floyd.

Fox NewsTucker Carlson on Wednesday spent 12 minutes railing against President Joe Biden’s vow to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court following reports of Justice Stephen Breyer’s planned retirement.

Carlson sneered at Biden’s promise as “patronizing.”

“Where is Biden’s Pacific Islander nominee?” Carlson facetiously asked. “Why isn’t there an American Indian on the court? Or a genderqueer? Or someone from the chronic fatigue syndrome community or a justice with cognitive disabilities? Why isn’t there an Afghan refugee under consideration?”

Concluding his monologue, Carlson said Biden was ignoring the “obvious choice” of Bridgett Floyd, the sister of George Floyd, the Black man killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in 2020.

“She is not a judge or a lawyer or whatever, but in this case, who cares? Clearly, that’s not the point anymore – this law stuff,” he said.

Biden pledged two years ago to nominate the Supreme Court’s first Black woman justice and the White House repeated that promise on Wednesday.

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